An innovative solution that will enable the efficient management of all task-attribution and monitoring processes of your team, whether big or small.

Our ERP, built for flexibility and adaptability to any usage scenario, for all activity sectors.


Projects of any size and scope.

We act as consultants for projects of any size and scope - from small middleware projects to all your IT infrastructure, including hardware, software and services. Likewise, should you feel you need an audit of your systems, our consulting team is ready to help. We use project management methodologies approved by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in order to guarantee the quality and constant monitoring of all project phases.
At your service, a full team of IT experts, ready to assist you in all stages of design, specification and implementation of any IT project.
Our expertise and experience is at your disposal. Try us.



Hardware solutions for every case. We select the best adapted hardware for each scenario from the myriad devices available (laptops, PCs, printers, tablets, mice, keyboards, scanners...).

Servers and networking

We configure capable, well dimensioned servers (on-premises or cloud-based), using Windows or Linux. We also provide all the network infrastructure needed to keep data flowing, designed and implemented according to the best practices.


We develop and materialize your ideas for the web, mobile and desktop. If your business has special needs, why shouldn't you have a special solution?

Web Design

We design and deploy from an institutional site to an e-commerce platform linked to your ERP, using fully responsive, state of the art designs.


Preventive and corrective support.

Your IT equipment is key to your business' operations, and therefore, its maintenance should be one of your business' most important tasks. Contact us. We have an answer to all your support and maintenance needs.

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Systems administration
  • Software installation & configuration
  • Repairs
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Update management

Business partnerships

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Blue Aim - Advanced Management Information Systems is a portuguese technology company, specializing in advanced software and hardware solutions, with an experienced team of programmers, field technicians and consultants.